What Inspires You?

I am often asked, “what is your style?” but I prefer the question, “what inspires you?” My first source of inspiration are my clients. It’s true! Interior design is a service industry. Our job is to give the client the home or business of their dreams.
When asked, “What is your dream client?” I playfully respond – ME! Designers are artists and artists prefers having free reign to be creative. My creativity is influenced by my experience as a professional dancer and singer.

Enthralled by the theatre as a 12-year-old, I often sat on the living room floor of my parents split level in Milford, Massachusetts, listening and singling along to show tunes on the stereo. Inspired by the songs and plot-lines, my imagination ran wild. Easily, I created theatrical daydreams from my favorite melodies and lyrics of Oklahoma, The Sound of Music, The King and I and Carousel. Although I did not know the plots as created by the great composers and lyricists, in some ways, my imagination was more vivid-more exotic. My mind’s eye conceived far off lands, full of color, shapes and patterns – dramatic jewel tones, earthy natural textures and bold compositions.

Studying at the Boston Conservatory of Music, scenic design was a fundamental course requirement. As an undergrad, I was tasked with designing main stage shows. After intense research of the era being portrayed, I measured the space, created floor plans and determined the best scale for the greatest impact. Long before realizing interior design could provide a career, I was creating interiors.

Professionally performing on stages in the United States and Europe, I was regularly exposed to extraordinary stage environments. As my career progressed, the richness and variety of set design crossed the boundaries of culture, themes, color and textures, becoming the backdrop for future designs for my clients’ homes. Nuances of possibilities from the sets of shows like Cabaret and Chicago influenced my Art Deco passion. Into The Woods inspired my love of fantasy, the whimsical and magical. A Little Night Music awed me with its elegance, sophistication and glamour

Leaving the stage and pursuing a career of an interior designer was a profound transition in my life and onto another act of the same play. My life on stage influences every decision as an interior designer enabling me to transcend time and space to create original designs. So what inspires me? Theatre – and stories, cultures and emotions portrayed in and through the stage-life I once lived, pursued and now carry in my heart. Hopefully, when the curtain comes down at the completion of each project, my clients give me a standing ovation and shout “encore!”