Why Do I Need An Interior Designer?

A gorgeous, new home – custom craftsmanship, top of the line appliances, beautiful location — then there’s the decor.

I would never perform my own brain surgery or fly my own 747 across the Atlantic. Why would I attempt to decorate my home without the help of a professional? True, if the sofa is too big and the paint color is not quite right, no one will die. I get that. All things being equal, why not budget a designer into the overall project? Having the home of your dreams includes the furnishings, art, rugs and lighting, which can be included in the initial cost projection? I advise clients who are planning to build a home, remodel or freshen up their decor, budget the interior design at 10- 20% of the overall cost of the project. All projects go over budget so add as much as 20% to the overall number.

I have watched countless people over the years hire someone to build their dream home and then make the mistake of decorating it themselves. People tell me, “I have a knack.” To which I say, I have a knack for styling my hair, but I would never attempt to cut it myself. Sarcasm and humor aside, an interior designer is trained to know what consumers don’t. Years of experience have tightened and honed our craft. We’ve seen the mistakes and know how to avoid them. These mistakes cost thousands of dollars that could be spent on a professional who saves the client money.

How do we save money? Favreau Design receives wholesale prices on custom furnishings, accessories and rugs. These discounts can sometimes be 50-60% off what the consumer is charged. Most designers pass a portion of this discount on to the client. You’ve hired me to show you what you don’t know. My job is to nudge you out of your comfort zone so you end up with a home that you couldn’t even imagine.

When Favreau Design is involved in a client’s project from the beginning, in collaboration with the builder and architect, we bring a different point of view to a team of talented professionals that always saves money. I say ALWAYS, because it is true.

A client was preparing to change the stair treads on their main staircase as part of a complete remodel. The flooring experts were writing up the bid, the builder was preparing to lay the sub floor. I pointed out that they were about to alter the height of the last riser – a code violation. An inspector would withhold the permit until the error was resolved. The cost of the error? $27,000!

I have never had a client tell me they regret working with an interior designer but I have numerous stories about the dismay at not having worked with one.

Gotta go give blood now… Or maybe I should just do it myself.