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Steven Favreau - The Showman, and Dennis Wyrzykowski - The Monk - Two souls on a miraculous journey to change the course of the world through a series of happy accidents... And because they cannot help themselves!

When Steven Favreau met Dennis Wyrzykowski it was instant fireworks! They both realized through only a glance, that they were soulmates, and the rest is history... in the making! Steven and Dennis have found that as a team... anything is possible! They have now combined forces in creating a new design business - The Favreaulous Factory. The Factory is a quintessential warehouse loft in downtown Boston and will become the new hub for all of Steven’s design work; with Dennis taking over as the business arm of the company.

Follow along as the Showman and the Monk embark on the ambitious undertaking of turning The Favreaulous Factory into a global design rm. As long as they can stay on the same page... because Dennis has a specific set of rules when it comes to business and Steven is all about throwing the rules out the window!

In addition to their high-end interior design clientele in Boston, NY, SF and LA they are taking on a huge slate of projects abroad. They are restoring and reimagining a 17th century monastery in Venice, Italy, purchasing the oldest lighting company in Europe, and are helping the French Police find the rightful owner of a book that holds the secrets to one of the oldest families in France.

They’ll do all of this in style, as they attend galas across the globe, rub elbows with socialites, land their next big client and get sidetracked into their next great misadventure.